Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will run better on RTX graphics

Metro Exodus was a cutting edge title featuring all of the latest features that NVIDIA brought to the table, like raytraced global illumination and also DLSS. But the new and improved Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will add more advanced ray-traced effects and also DLSS 2.0 to not only improve the visuals, but also the performance.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition RTX graphics

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will bring new advanced raytraced reflections, improved raytraced global illumination and also raytraced emissive lighting, the latter which was previously exclusively available in the Two Colonels DLC. DLSS 2.0 will ensure that you can enjoy all the improved visuals without sacrificing on performance. The changes apparently run so deep that 4A Games decided to release it as an entirely separate title, rather than as a mere update or patch. 

This is also probably the first game ever to be exclusive to raytracing-capable PCs and consoles. Considering the main additions are the new raytracing capabilities, I don’t think that gamers on older consoles or PCs will be missing out much anyway. By the way, the GeForce RTX 2070/RTX 3060 or the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT are the minimum requirements at 1080p on PC. Of course, GeForce RTX gamers will probably enjoy a healthy advantage over their red camp counterparts with the ability to use DLSS 2.0 to boost performance.

All owners of the original Metro Exodus will receive Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition for free, with save files transferable between the two versions on all PC platforms, except for Microsoft Store. And what’s even better yet, NVIDIA has already released the latest GeForce Game Ready 466.27 WHQL driver for you to take in the full experience in Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition when it launches this 6th May.

More supported games, More G-SYNC Compatible monitors, more optimized settings

On top of being ready for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, the new GeForce Game Ready 466.27 WHQL driver are also ready to bring you the best experience in Mass Effect Legendary Edition when it launches this 14th May, as well as Resident Evil Village, which is launching 7th May.


NVIDIA baked in optimized playable settings for more games like Iron Conflict and Teamfight Manager. More G-SYNC Compatible monitors are now supported with the latest GeForce Game Ready 466.27 WHQL driver, with the AOC 24G2W1G8, AOC AG274US4R6B, ASUS ROG Strix XG349C, Philips 279M1RV and Samsung LC27G50A added to the ever growing list of supported monitors.